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Art - Grades 6-12

Students will CREATE, CONNECT, PRESENT AND RESPOND TO their own visual artwork independently and collaboratively. Students will learn to express themselves and show understanding of a variety of art techniques. They will complete self-assessments and reflections about personal artwork as well as others' work. Students will also engage in class critiques (written and oral).

Elective options are currently open for high school students. The current structure of high school classes require students to be in Art classes with grade level peers until 10th grade. Juniors and seniors can choose to take elective classes (Advanced Art & Art Elective).

What do Art Classes Mean to Craftsbury students?

“Art allowed our class to have a certain level of freedom that others don’t even come close to. I have become a more thankful, patient, and creative person because of Art. This class is what brings me into school in the morning and I will never forget the happy memories I have made here. Art is a student catered class where we can refine our skills. I am thankful for this exciting, jovial class.

-Student artist, class of 2023

About the Art Teacher
photo of Alayne Tetor throwing pottery

My name is Alayne Tetor and I am the new K-12 art teacher at Craftsbury Schools. I recently moved to Vermont after living and teaching high school art in Homer, Alaska for 12 years. This move brought me closer to my family in Pennsylvania, where I was born and raised. I have a bachelor's degree in Art Education from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and a master's in Art and Design Education from Vermont College of Fine Arts. My masters work focused on the intersections of ceramic arts and interconnectedness with the environment. I love all forms of art making, but especially ceramics, sculpture, wearable arts, printmaking, and mixed media. I am also a big art history nerd and love to visit museums and galleries. In addition to art, I enjoy running, biking, nordic and backcountry skiing, hiking, and reading. You'll probably see me out and about running, biking or skijoring with my little Alaska sled dog, Tozi. Teaching art brings me great joy and I feel like I'm the lucky one who gets to learn from these amazingly creative kids! 

Student Competitions and Student Showcase
art featured outside of art classroom

Students can participate in various statewide/nationwide competitions. OSSU Art programs also held their inaugural Art in Bloom showcase of student work at the Highland Center for the Arts in the spring of 2023. Watch here for information about upcoming art showcases and events!