Showcasing our work

The elementary school hallway always has student work on display!

Parents/families can look forward to the Annual Spring Art show, as well.

Staff Members
Art - Grades K-5

Craftsbury Elementary School Art serves students from grades kindergarten to five. Our mission is to develop our students’ knowledge of our past, ourselves, and our surroundings. Art is a means of self- expression and communication involving our emotions and thinking. Students develop skills in problem solving, manipulating media and processes to create works that communicate personal meaning. Students also work collaboratively with one another. There is a high emphasis placed on the inclusion of our community stakeholders.

About the Art Teacher

Joe Smith is a native Vermonter currently residing in the small town of Hyde Park. Smith received his B.A. in Art Education from Northern Vermont University. Most of Mr. Smith’s work derives from his personal journey growing up in a beautiful and rural area. Along with filmmaking, he is also interested in various forms of multimedia and design. His artwork has been exhibited in the Vermont Congressional Art Show and Johnson Studio Center. Mr. Smith takes pride in facilitating young artists in constructing their own visions and sense of life into their work. He is currently involved in social justice work and travels around the world to assist communities and explore their social, political, and cultural dynamics. Such travels have landed him in Detroit, Michigan, Managua, Nicaragua, and Zurich, Switzerland.Smith is honored to serve his local communities and has worked in a wide-variety of school settings, all which allow him to advocate for student voice and equity.