Are you Planning to Explore College next year?

Parents and Students: Here are a few critical things to do:

1.  Use Scoir ( to explore different colleges available based on what you are looking for in a college.

2.  Create a Common App account ( This is where you will apply to most colleges.

3. Submit your VSAC Scholarship application. This opens in October and must be completed by 2/11/24.  (go to for more information)

4. Check your email regularly for scholarship information. Local scholarships come out in the spring, but a few do pop up in the fall. Also, take some time on your own to find a few that might pertain to you and apply. NO scholarship applications should require you to pay money to apply.  

5.  Reach out to teachers about letters of recommendation.  

6.  If you have any questions about the above points, please reach out to Sally Guebara, who would be happy to work on them with you!