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Contact Your School Guidance Counselor

Have a question? Need to set an appointment to talk to a school guidance counselor? Just email or call us!

K-12: Sally Guebara at | (802) 472-2409

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Role of the School Guidance Counselor

School Guidance Counselors help all students

  • apply academic achievement strategies
  • manage emotions and apply interpersonal skills
  • plan for postsecondary options - higher education, work force, or military

At Craftsbury, the school guidance counselor provides:

  • individual student academic planning and goal setting
  • assistance with dual enrollment, early college, and online learning
  • school counseling classroom lessons based on student success standards in grades K through 8
  • short-term counseling to students
  • referrals for long-term support
  • collaboration with families/teachers/ administrators/community/agencies for student success
  • advocacy for students at individual education plan meetings, 504 meetings, and other student support meetings
  • resources, such as Scoir and VSAC, to help students better prepare for life after high school

Ultimately, the Craftsbury school guidance counselor works to design and deliver school counseling programs that improve student outcomes.