Universal Meals

Vermont’s new Universal School Meals law means all students can eat breakfast and lunch for free. This will have a huge impact in making sure no Vermont child goes without healthy food.

But we need your help. Together, we can reduce the cost of Universal School Meals for Vermont taxpayers and help our schools access millions in federal education dollars. Please fill out the form your school has provided (or download the form here) to collect income information for your household.

Even if you didn’t fill out these forms in the past, doing so now will help make Universal School Meals affordable for Vermont and allow schools to access millions in additional federal funding.

By filling out the form you:

  • Help our schools access millions of critical federal dollars for education.
  • Help provide students in our district and across Vermont with healthy, nutritious food.
  • Help keep education taxes from going up in our community.

What happens when you fill out the form?

When you fill out the form, the information will be used to:

  • Maximize the federal dollars Vermont receives for education and determine how to divide up those dollars fairly among Vermont schools.
  • Get federal money to pay for school meals, so the Vermont taxpayer contribution is lower.
  • Reduce the cost of universal meals for Vermont taxpayers.

The privacy of your household financial information is protected by law. Filling out the form only takes a few minutes, and it will help your community, your school, and your tax bill.

View and download Form here.

View Instructions here.

As an alternative (and to save you time!) you may apply online at MyMealTime.com.

Steps to Apply online at MyMealTime.com:

1. Create a MyMealTime account here.

2. After setting up your My MealTime account, you can go here to apply for Free or Reduced Lunch status. (Use the same username/password you created for MyMealTime.com)

3. As you fill out the application, please use these instructions to assist. You only need to submit one application per household, even if your children attend more than one school in OSSU. The application must be filled out completely to certify your children for free or reduced price school meals.

Please follow the instructions in order! Each step of the instructions is the same as the steps on your application. If at any time you are not sure what to do next, please contact Val Hussey, 802-472-6531 or vhussey@ossu.org.

Contact Us

For any questions relating to Universal Meals or the form, please contact Val Hussey, Food Service Director, at (802) 472-6531 or vhussey@ossu.org.