Innovative Learning & Support - Collaborating with our Community Partners

At Craftsbury Schools, we are constantly seeking out new approaches and opportunities that will connect with our students where they are, open their minds to unforeseen possibilities, and take them to new heights of success and discovery.

These innovative initiatives seek to support the “whole student”, offering connection and community, exposure to new ways of thinking and being, and opportunities for students to imagine their future career or college aspirations.

Students in their senior year of high school must successfully complete a senior capstone project in order to graduate. Students are encouraged to explore a subject that they have a great interest in and would like to study while under the guidance of a mentor in their field of choice. At the completion of their project students must present their project to a team of educators who will evaluate and judge how well the students’ met the learning outcomes for the capstone project. Students have chosen a variety of areas to study over the years such as welding, game creation, music production, and forestry.

On these pages, you'll find the many ways we – in collaboration with our community partners – are educating our youth with creativity and care.