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Craftsbury PK and Kindergarten Registration  February 1-15, 2019


Who: All PK children residing in the Craftsbury School District who have turned 3 to 4 years old by September 1, 2019. Children who have turned 5 by September 1, 2019 but who have already attended two years of preschool may be admitted for a 3rd year of preschool on a discretionary basis. On February 1, registration also opens for PK children residing outside of Craftsbury School District-see below; Kindergarten registration opens as well.



Preschool: Under Act 166, 10 hours of free universal preschool/week is available for next school year for Vermont’s 3 and 4 year-olds. For Craftsbury residents to access universal preschool, bring your child's birth certificate, copies of up-to-date immunization records, and proof of residency * (see “Where” below for additional details) to the Craftsbury Elementary School office school days from 8 AM to 2 PM. You will also need to complete a new student registration form, available at the office.Please note that  prior to the start of the school year, parents must also provide the PK with documentation of a recent well-child visit.

Kindergarten: If your child registered for PK through the Craftsbury Academy office last year, we have birth certificate and proof of residency on file. You should contact Emily Michaud at the Craftsbury Elementary school office  (8-2 Monday-Friday when school is in session) at 586-9671 to register for Kindergarten and must provide updates of immunizations. If your child did not register for PK through Craftsbury Schools last year, you will need to provide birth certificate, proof of Craftsbury residency, and up-to-date immunization records to register for Kindergarten.


Where: Craftsbury PK/K parents must register their child at the Craftsbury Elementary School Office at 74 North Craftsbury Road, 05826.

  • If you wish to register your child for Craftsbury Town School Preschool, and you are a Craftsbury resident, you need only do the above.

  •  If you are a Craftsbury resident and wish to enroll your child in another Act 166 pre-qualified preschool, you must enroll your child in that preschool first, then bring proof of enrollment to the Craftsbury Elementary School office, along with your child's birth certificate, immunization record, and proof of residency. This step is required in order to access district funds available for out of district preschool providers.

  • If you are not a Craftsbury resident but would like to enroll your child in Craftsbury Town School Preschool, please register your child at the public school where you reside and also at Craftsbury Elementary School.


When: Registration begins February 1 and is open to February 15th. Letters will be mailed by March 15th notifying PK parents of placement or waitlist spot.


Please note: Spaces in the Craftsbury Town Preschool are determined accordingly--


Craftsbury 4 year-olds receive first priority. Craftsbury 3 year-olds receive next priority. Out-of- Craftsbury School District children receive next priority, based on age. Spaces are determined using the above order;however the school reserves the ability to prioritize space for particular children. If more than 12 children register for the 12 spaces available, the school will conduct a lottery drawing that holds the above priority order.


If your child is currently enrolled in the Craftsbury Town School Preschool and you wish to re-register her/him for next year's PK class, you may retain your child's slot by providing  the registration form (available at the office and at https://craftsbury.ossu.org as of February 1) and up-to-date immunizations list to the Craftsbury Elementary Office by February 15th.  


The Craftsbury Town School Preschool is based out of the Elementary School, and operates Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 8 to noon and is similar to the school year calendar. Kindergarten in Craftsbury is also based out of the Elementary School and is a 5-day school day program, and follows the school year calendar.


Craftsbury Elementary School Office:

Monday-Friday 8-2 PM

Administrative Assistant: Emily Michaud

74 N.Craftsbury Road, Craftsbury Village, 05826

(802) 586-9671


Proof of Residency:

Rental or lease agreement with the signature of the owner/landlord and the tenant/resident.

Deed or title to residential real property.

Mortgage bill.Home utility bills (including cellular phone)

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