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Merri Greenia, Principal



Dear Craftsbury Chargers,


We have turned a page on the calendar, and we are about to begin week 6 of remote learning.  Thank you all for the hard work you are doing, as students, parents, and staff.  The Craftsbury community is rising to the challenge.

             In previous letters I have shared information about a possible “Plan B” for learning, a self designed plan for learning that requires a student to set learning goals, plan a project or learning activities, and regularly submit evidence of learning.  At this point, 4 middle and high school students have made a Plan B.  These plans will be assessed on a Plan B rubric, and students will be graded on a pass/fail basis.

             We will continue to assign grades for the majority of students, and students and parents can continue to track grades in PowerSchool.  The faculty and I  made the decision to continue with grades based on the evidence of student success that we have seen thus far.  The majority of Craftsbury students are working hard to complete assignments with good effort.  I did a random sample review of current 4th quarter grades,  and most students have 4th quarter averages equal to or higher than in previous quarters!   Our charge is to assure that learning continues during this time, and we feel that continuing to maintain academic expectations will support learning for most of our students.  Again, if you feel that you need a different learning plan based on your situation, reach out to me or to a faculty member, and we can help you create a plan.  Please  send me an email if you would like to discuss grading or any other issue relating to remote learning.  


With appreciation,

Mrs. Greenia

Mrs. Greenia