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1. Organized toolkit (Google drive folder) with images and content for a one tuition-free course available to the Class of 2021 (and 2020) through Green Mountain Grad.

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Green Mountain Tech. - Application  


Our 2023-2024 1st Year Admissions Application is officially live! The Green Mountain Tech Admission Process and application, along with other supporting admissions materials, may also be found on our Website.

Please help us spread the word about Green Mountain Tech by sharing our Green Mountain Tech Virtual Tour video and application with your staff, student body, parents/guardians and communities! 

As a reminder, state and federal Law requires the CTE application process to be blind process to student disabilities.  In order to preserve a blind process, we respectfully request that initial correspondences and application materials do not include any information about a student's disability status, including information about IEPs or 504s.  After a student's application is received and processed, pre-approved students will be scheduled for a day-long admissions visit in the program to which they are applying.  Initial admissions decisions are determined based upon review of the student's online application, Green Mountain Tech Admissions Form (4 Year Plan), high school transcripts, attendance and discipline records, and instructor feedback about the student visit. Once a student is conditionally accepted, we would then receive information about student plans and schedule a team meeting in order to ensure that an appropriate final admissions decision is made.